UVcalc update

There was a minor update available in Bitbucket that I didn’t announce. It was version 1.0.7 which added a NAMESPACE for compatibility with R 3.0.0 and had byte compilation enabled to improve performance.

I did some work during the last couple of weeks and I pushed to Bitbucket version of UVcalc 1.2.1. This version is backwards compatible in every respect except the output. The packaged source and the binary package for R 3.0.x and R 2.15.x for Windows as a .zip files are available at Bitbucket for download. Please, read also the Reame.txt file at  Bitbucket, it contains important information on installation.

The interpolation algorithm has been improved to better cope with BSWFs that are not continuous or smooth along wavelengths. For solar spectral data at 1 nm interval, the change in most cases affects only the fourth significant digit, but in a few cases, the new more exact values may differ from those calculated with the previous version by as much as 3%. I haven’t done any tests with spectra measured using wider wavelength steps, but I would expect the improvement to be more important.

I have still a few improvements in mind, mainly a few additional functions to complement those already in the package. Improved documentation is also planned, although I have added some new examples in version 1.2.0.

As always, please report any problems or errors that you find, or tell me what improvements or additions you would find useful.

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