Training workshop announcement

Within the framework of the UV4Growth action, Andreas Albert’s lab will organize UV4Growth school of TG1: Plant experiments in controlled environments – from field to lab.

The school will include talks about methods relevant to research on the responses of plants to UV radiation, i.e. about the theory of UV radiation, about quantifying and manipulating UV radiation, as well as about designing of realistic UV experiments (regarding for example statistical analysis). Additional practical exercises on measuring and manipulating UV radiation as well as on analyzing physiological effects of UV radiation on plants will be performed by the students subsequently. The school will provide guidelines and practical recommendations for obtaining reliable and relevant data and interpretations.

The school will be held on two full days from 12th to 13th March 2013 (arrival: 11th March, departure: 14th March) at the Research Unit Environmental Simulation (EUS) at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, Munich, Germany and is planned for 10 attendees. A registration fee of 100 € per student will be charged (the money will be used for the purchase of handbook, materials and refreshments). UV4Growth will contribute up to 600 € per attendee (travel 360 € and 3 nights accommodation at 80 € per night). Students interested in joining the school should email to Andreas Albert: andreas.albert <a> Registration is open now, and is on a first-come, first-served basis. Those accepted for participation will receive a confirmation email, and an e-COST invitation.

Munich can be easily reached by plane (several low cost airlines fly to the Munich airport) and train from many European cities. Detailed information about payment instructions, accommodation and on how to arrive at the institute will be sent directly to the attendees. Information about the research center is available from the website of EUS:

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